We’re reimagining private capital dealmaking.

At CapixAI, we aim to bring a new era of transparency and efficiency to the private markets.


CapixAI is on a mission to make the private capital market more efficient, trustworthy, and accessible for every investor.

At CapixAI, we think of capital as a verb and not as a noun. Capital constitutes an action, a means to an end, a process — to build, to advance, to deploy the tools and instruments of a progressing economy. It is the lifeblood of economic growth and in the best interest to humanity that capital is not wasted.

At CapixAI, we are devoted to building the tools for companies and institutions to capital with confidence.


We have a combined 15+ years of experience building in AI and finance, and we come from top-tier institutions that nurture first-principles thinking.

...and we’re backed by world class investors

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Join us in reimagining private markets.

Help us bring clarity and precision to the complex world of private markets.

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