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The next-generation financing platform for growing companies

Kubefy auto-scans the lending market to deliver you the best deals for your future revenue across hundreds of capital providers.

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Grow on your terms with the best financing rates on the market.

Not all capital is created equal. Kubefy connects your company with a network of top lenders to bring you the most competitive financing rates for your business. No more wasted time debt shopping; with Kubefy you can reclaim your time to focus on what’s most important — your customers.

Access all top-tier lenders from a single place.

How Kubefy Works

Flexible Financing At Your Fingertips

Revolving credit

Grow with a pay-as-you-use safety net that scales with your business and allows you to handle unexpected expenses and to quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

Term loan

Pre-defined upfront cash on your terms so you can capitalize on your growth without equity dilution.


Unlock capital with a few steps and get back to work. Just connect and create your offer.

Best cost of capital

We aggregate lenders to find the best deal for your capital needs across a large lender network.


From who you know to how you grow. Connect your data and finance purely on your growth.


Bank-level security, NDA protection, and anonymization for all your data.

Your One-Stop Financing Partner

Powerful revenue-based analytics that helps you make better capital decisions

Certainty is good for business

Kubefy uses bank transaction data to enable interactive revenue-based analytics.

Close more sales

Shorten your sales cycle and accelerate lead generation by accelerating your revenue.

Increase your runway

Use Kubefy's revenue-based funding to secure your runway.

Avoid dilution

Unlock growth that scales with your revenue without giving up equity.

Grow your revenue

Invest in business initiatives like product and marketing to grow your customer base.

Credit with confidence.

Kubefy turns future revenue streams into up-front capital at the most competitive financing market rates.

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