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Private Capital Reimagined.

CapixAI is an AI copilot for private capital dealmaking.

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Private capital with the transparency of public markets.

CapixAI integrates with your client's systems, connects with a range of data sources, processes Gigabytes (GB) of unstructured data, and uses AI to give you an unparalleled view of the company's financial health so you can invest with maximum confidence.

A copilot for your financial modeling, forecasting, and deal structuring.

CapixAI uses generative AI to automate and optimize deal flow end-to-end. From due diligence, to financial forecasting, to deal structuring, CapixAI's proprietary AI saves you weeks of work and helps you invest with unmatched precision.

Full company profile in minutes, not weeks

CapixAI helps you understand the full company picture at record speed.


Send an onboarding link to the company. We take care of the rest.


Bank-level AES 128-bit encryption for all data.


Create your own full deal workflows.


End-to-end AI integration to supercharge your analysis.

Your deal OS for the private markets

CapixAI brings powerful data and analytics to your fingertips so you never miss a beat.

Go where others can't

CapixAI combines AI and an integrated company onboarding flow to transform complexity into clarity.

Invest with precision

Make decisions from ground truth data straight from the company's systems.

Close more deals

Streamline due diligence without sacrificing data breadth and depth.

Make fast decisions

CapixAI helps you arrive at optimal deal terms 10X faster.

Outperform competitors

Arrive at unparalleled certainty faster than anyone else and go where others can't.

Invest with confidence.

Supercharge your private markets deal flow with generative AI.

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